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Case Study

The Massage Technique That Relieved A Furniture Owners Tight Shoulders. 

Melissa McCutcheon, LMT


Her shoulders were literally up to her ears. 

I could barely see her neck.

She reported high levels of stress and constant headaches.

The Technique:


The technique I used is what I call

 the trapezius pedal push.

With the furniture owner laying face down on my massage table,

I put my hands on top of her shoulders.

Then, like pedaling a bike, I slowly would push one shoulder down, and then as that shoulder was rebounding I would slowly push the other shoulder down.  


I taught the furniture store owner how to do a weighted shoulder shrug squeezes and release move, in order to relax her shoulders between massages. 

The Results:

I could tell when she had performed the weight shoulder shrug squeezes and release movement and when she had not by the amount of her neck that was visible. She could tell by the amount of headaches she had. 





If you feel like your shoulders are constantly up to your ears and would like to experience trapezius pedal press, call Melissa's Mobile Massage at 256-701-7870


What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for everyone.

That is why Melissa's Mobile Massage customizes her client"s massage sessions. 



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