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During Massage

Massage Q&A

  • Do you give happy endings, or perform exotic massages, touch private areas, etc.?
    100% No. Even asking that question can get you reported to the police, and the police around here are awesome about responding to these reports.
  • Why do you require my driver's license for your records?
    A bill was passed in Florida, that went into effect July 1st, 2024, that requires massage therapists to confirm the identification of the customer or patient before providing services or treatment by providing a photo identification. This bill was passed in an effort to deter sex trafficking.
  • Do I really need to fill out the forms?
    Yes. The Medical History form is very important because there are some conditions that make it medically unsafe to perform a massage. Examples: If you do a massage on a person with a certain heart condition you can cause them to code. If you have uncontrolled diabetes a massage could make you pass out. If you are being treated for cancer I would require a Doctors note to say they are ok with you getting a massage. ​ The Policy Form is so you know my rules and guidelines.
  • What room do you need to be in?
    When picking a space for the massage, please make sure the room is on the first floor and has enough space for my massage table ( 84" long) and there is enough room for me to be able to walk around the table. Also, I will need access to one plug-in outlet, so being close to one is important.
  • Could you set up in a second-floor room?
    Yes. I bought a travel massage table for my mobile business that makes it much easier for me to take the table upstairs.
  • Do I need to help you get things set up?
    No. It will take me a little while to get things set up. During that time we can discuss your forms, massage issues, etc. or many people take the time to use the restroom. It usually takes me about 3 to 5 minutes to get set up.
  • What if my house is a mess?
    My job is to massage you, not to judge how you keep your house. Although I must say I do need a cleared path to the room I will be doing the massage in, a cleared area for my table and myself, and room to walk around the table.
  • Do I need to supply anything for the massage?
    If you could have two pillows that I could use, that would be appreciated. Also, if you tend to get cold, having an extra blanket close by would be recommended too.
  • What kind of massage cream do you use?
    Bon Vital Massage Cream with Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • Do you do Hot Stone Massage, Bamboo Massage, Reiki, or Craniosacral Massage?
    No. These are the massages I do not do.
  • Can I have you use a lotion, cream, or oil that I like?
  • If I have CBD lotion, will you use that?
    Sorry, but no. At this time I am not educated enough on the matter.
  • Can I have the lights off during the massage?
    During a massage, I must have some dim lighting. That can come from the daylight coming in through the blinds, a lamp, or a light with a dimmer.
  • Can I have my dog or cat in the room during the massage?
    No. I love animals, but because animals might see me as a threat, and they can be a distraction, they need to be in another area.
  • Can I have my kids in the room when I am getting a massage?
    If they are a baby, it is best to have someone else there to watch them. Otherwise, it is your massage. I have had parents let their kids watch movies on a tablet and that works great.
  • Can my kid get a massage?
    Yes. I massage children ages 7 to 18. You must sign a consent form for them. I offer the same massage times as adults and at the same price.
  • If we get a 2 person visit, does that mean it is a couple massage?
    No. Couple massages take two massage therapists. The massages will be back to back.
  • Can my spouse, partner, etc. watch my massage?
    No. That can cross the line into creepy.
  • Should I shower before a massage?
    You can, but it is not required. Although, taking a hot shower shortly before a massage can help your muscles loosen up, which in turn can help you get more out of your massage.
  • Can new clients get scheduled on the same day they request a massage?
    For new clients I do not do same days appointments for safety reasons. I need time to make review your intake form, etc.
  • How long will I have to wait for a massage session? Do you have a cancelation list?
    Currently I am scheduling a week out. Yes, I have a cancelation list. If you would like to be a part of a cancelation list, please text me "add me to your cancelation list."
  • What if I need help now but I can't get in for a while?
    I can offer an online 30-minute movement therapy session for you. In the session I will treat you by using a specific good movement to significantly improve a bad movement. Examples of a bad movement might be if you have a knee that hurts going up steps or an arm that is weak when lifting weights. I have been doing this therapy for the past 5 years and have found that it typically only takes one online session for significate improvement. It is a lot cheaper than an in-home massage but still has the benefit of not having to leave your home. Plus, I can currently get you scheduled a lot quicker than an in-home massage. All you need is the ability to do a video call and like an in-home massage, your address must read Huntsville or Madison Alabama. Learn more about Total Motion Release Therapy here:
  • Is it safe to get a massage when pregnant?
    Absolutely. I have had prenatal training, so I understand what areas to stay away from, at what point you are not allowed to lay face down anymore, etc.
  • How important is it to tell you if I am pregnant?
    Very important. There are 3 areas on your body that if massaged is thought to have the possibility of causing a miscarriage. Of course, I would not want that to happen. ​ *I have massaged many women who don't know they are pregnant till after they have gotten a massage, and the above situation has never been an issue.
  • Should I be embarrassed if I forgot to shave my armpit or legs?
    Absolutely no big deal. I have massaged people from European countries that don't shave their armpits. I also massage men's hairy legs all the time too. It does not bother me.
  • What if I am on my period. Do I have to take off my underwear for the massage?
    Nope. You don't have to take anything of clothes if you don't feel comfortable. I have had some women leave their pants on or bring shorts and wear those during the massage.
  • I have a big chest and feel like my breast get smashed when I lay face down. Is there anything I can do to help that?
    Yes. Let me know this prior to the massage because I have what is called a T-bolster that can help with this problem.
  • I am breastfeeding. What if my breast leaks?
    If that happens, it is nothing to get upset about. I have had ladies that will spend the 5 minutes that I am setting up pumping themselves. You can also have washcloths available just in case.
  • Can women get their breasts massaged?
    No. It is against state law.
  • I am hairy. Can I still get a massage?
    Absolutely. The only issue with lots of hair is if we were to do cupping. Some guys will shave if they want that done.
  • If I get aroused during the massage will Melissa freak out and call the police.
    No. If that happens it is no big deal. What would be a big deal is if you start talking sexually or touching yourself sexually. Then I would call the police.
  • If Melissa were to accidentally get close to my private area, does that mean she is suggesting sexual things?
    Absolutely not. If you feel uncomfortable when I work the legs or stomach, etc. just tell me that is an area you would like me not to work.


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