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The Massage Technique That Relieved a Nurse's Migraines.

Updated: Jun 22, 2023


The Massage Technique That Relieved a Nurse's


by Melissa Mccutcheon, LMT


The first time I saw the nurse she explained to me that she had suffered from migraines for years and that if she would get massages every three weeks, she was able to keep her migraines away. Although, if the massage therapist did not do a specific technique, then her migraines would come back.

The Technique

That technique is called the sub-occipital release. With the nurse laying face up, I would cradling the nurse's head in the palm of my hands. My fingers would be place in precise place at the base of the skull, which is were the sub-occipital muscles are. Slowly and gently my fingers would pull into the trigger points causing the fascia to relax.


Since it appeared that the traction part of the sub-occipital release technique seemed to help the nurse the most, I showed her the pillowcase pull.

The Results

She continued to have consistent relief from her migraines.


If you are having issues with migraines and would like to experience the sub-occipital release, call Melissa's Mobile Massage at



What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for everyone. That is why Melissa's Mobile Massage customizes her clients massage sessions.

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