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The Massage Technique That Helped A Farmers Rotator Cuff Issue

Updated: Jun 22, 2023


The Massage Technique That Helped A Farmers Rotator Cuff Issue

by Melissa Mccutcheon, LMT


A farmer had been seeing the chiropractor I worked for about a rotator cuff issue. The chiropractor talked with me about getting this farmer in for a massage because he was still unable to lift his arm up without some discomfort.

The Technique

Although I worked all the rotator cuff muscles thoroughly, working the subscapular muscle was the key to helping this guy.

What I called the subscapularis pin and twist involved me placing all my fingers deep into the farmers armpit to pin down the subscapular muscle. Once the muscle was pinned down, his arm was moved back and forth.

The Results

Immediate relief and increased range of motion.


Since the subscapularis was the main muscle that needed to be worked I showed the farmer how to do the subscapularis pin and twist on himself.

The Invitation

If you are having issues with your rotator cuff muscles and would like to experience the subscapularis pin and twist, call Melissa's Mobile Massage at



What works for one person is not guaranteed to work for everyone. That is why Melissa's Mobile Massage customizes her clients massage sessions.

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